What can I do with Baba Software Sales?

Organize your sales team's process and increase the efficiency by guiding them to create happy customers with our automated Baba Sales.

Sales management software is used by organizations to track and monitor sales performance and the activities of the sales team. It is often used in combination with sales force automation and contact management solutions. Sales management software can give you a detailed picture of your sales team's work on different products, services, locations and customers.

Functionalities Of Baba Sales Management Software

Lead Management

Helps sales representatives assign, generate, capture, and nurture leads up to the point of conversion.

Contact Management

Maintains a database of leads with contact details, call history, activity tracking and contact history for future sales campaigns.

Opportunity Management

Enables sales representatives to track potential sales opportunities through order management, pipeline management, and quote management.


Helps sales representatives manage daily work schedule by organizing meetings with potential leads through calendar invites, task scheduling, and document management.


Allows sales representatives to visualize sales campaigns in dashboards, graphs, and charts by filtering sales data such as lead generation and conversions.


Helps connect with other software that has specialized functionality such as email, CRM, marketing, and more.

   Sales Pipeline

Shorten the sales cycle with your entire sales process being proactively handled. Customize each stage in moments and add as many steps as you like — and take a look at the entire pipeline system.

   Smart Emails

Through monitoring all your contacts and email communications within a single application, improve efficiency and performance. In almost no time, we use our pre-built integrations to integrate Baba Software with Outlook and Gmail.

   Sales Activities

Standardize your process and promote best practices with re-usable action plan templates. Customize a template with unlimited appointments and reminders — and then apply it to any user or opportunity.

   Call & Text

Take your sales data wherever you go with a feature-rich mobile-friendly CRM. Field agents can manage calendars, prepare for meetings — get a graphical dashboard view of chosen metrics — and much more, in the palm of their hand.

   Sales Automation

Sales automation simply put automates repetitive activities, tasks and documentation by using software for the purpose. The major tasks taken care of by automation are e-mail reminders, inventory control, pricing, regular documentation, standard contracts, etc.

   Sales Reports

Dig deeper into your sales data with interactive Excel reports. Choose from our built-in library of popular report templates or upload your own, and populate it with your favorite data points at a click.

Close more Sales. Supercharge your Marketing. Control your Costs.

Connect to your customers in a whole new way. Build more meaningful and lasting relationships — better understand their needs, identify new opportunities to help, address any problems faster and deploy customer-focused apps lightning fast. With a single view of every customer interaction you can sell, service and market like never before.

Monitor and manage your Sales anytime, from anywhere.

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